Thanks for stopping by! I am a writer, photographer and the founder of The Luminous Elephant Arts Studio in Vancouver B.C. My studio teaches bright, imaginative classes in the Arts to children and adults and is one of the happiest places around:)  One of my greatest joys is creating bold curriculum in the arts.

 Enamoured with life's most noteworthy beauties, I cover a palette of lifestyle topics that have been published in several print and online outlets. My writing and photography has been featured in many publications and I am thrilled that my  photography is represented by Getty Images.  

While I am delighted with what I have created, the touchstone of my heart is the love I share with my family and the ways I am moved to make a difference in the world.

I am adoring my life in Vancouver and belong to a very wonderful, loving family. I cherish my  beautiful children Tess and Noah with all of my soul. Oh! And Lucy and Romeo as well - the sweetest dogs in the whole wide world.

Madelyn teaches the following classes: