hello JOY!

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hello JOY!


Mondays 7-9 pm
Oct 21 - Nov 25

All supplies included as well as your own journal and Japanese pen!

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When people think of my job I'm pretty sure they picture me blissfully running my Arts Studio and living with ease, a constant smile on my face. And yes, I do pinch myself daily in deep gratitude for this beautiful life I have created for myself but the truth is, life is not at all always easy, uplifting or sunny. But along the way I have been very mindful to pay attention to what brings me happiness, joy, peace and deep contentment to help ride out the downs that are an inevitable part of life.

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Daily, I use this fabulous little toolbox of wisdoms learned to continuously create the happiest, best version of myself and my life possible.

And in this sweet, bright, smart little course I will share all of the ways to uplift your foundation of joy as well.

Delving into journaling, photography and art we will fill our hearts with simple, strong ways to create and thrive in a conscious and joyful life. You will be inspired to go out into nature, slow down, create more, live more mindfully and heartfully - and colourfully!

I am hoping if this is something you feel ya' might need - you will consider signing up and joining us for a playful, life changing tiny wonder of a course.