GLOW Persisting Soul Photography

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GLOW Persisting Soul Photography


Make your images shine for your business!

Saturday 9am - 12pm
March 30 - four spaces available

Teacher: Madelyn Mulvaney

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About this Class

The experience of beauty is like a homecoming.
When we feel and see and touch the beautiful we feel
we feel that we are at one with ourselves
because in some subtle and secret way
beauty meets the needs of the soul.
— John O’Donohue

Infuse soulful verve into your photographs! Getty Images photographer Madelyn Mulvaney guides you along in a most beautiful course of photography.  This course will help you unearth your very unique, soulful way of seeing beauty around you and bringing it to life in your photographs. 

~ Pour your beauty and  rarity into your photography ~

Gather in our lively studio with refreshments and music and creative vibes - a perfect course for everyone who wishes to illuminate  the beauty in their lives and spin it into the light of photography in the most imaginative way possible.

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This is not simply a photography course - it is way of living your life in the presence of awe - of rediscovering daily JOY and reaching out and creating/capturing the essence of joy for yourself! Persisting Soul is reconnecting to your inner vibrant nature and celebrating your lovely life in all it's magical details.

Learn how to take photo’s for your business, your side hustle, your online social media - Madelyn will teach you how with any camera all on the auto settings - learning simple but dynamic tricks of lighting, perspective and more. No need to hire expensive photographers for your website!

Supplies needed:  any camera - DSL, digital, point and shoot, iPhone!

Bring out the Muse

Some of our shutterbugs have taken and loved My Sweet Muse, our e-course which complements this class so perfectly! Only $85.

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