Luminous Social: Enchanting Wreath

Enchanting Wreath Holiday Workshop Main.jpeg
Enchanting Wreath Holiday Workshop Main.jpeg

Luminous Social: Enchanting Wreath


Friday 7-10 pm
November 22
December 6

'A thing of beauty, is a joy forever.' ––John Keats, a poetic Romance

We would be over the moon to have you join us for the most enchanting Holiday workshop in our bright happy studio! Our sweet evening will have all of our lovely guests creating their own live evergreen wreath (made from various Conifer/Piney foliage) And! painting beautiful water-colour Holiday gift cards on cotton paper.

And yes, there will be Mulled wine and chocolates involved if you are care - I always care when mulled wine and chocolates are involved :)

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Enchanting Wreath Holiday Workshop 2.jpg
Enchanting Wreath Holiday Workshop.jpg