Blue Sky Acrylic Painting


Blue Sky Acrylic Painting



Monday 10AM - 12PM
Nov 05 - Dec 17 (no class November 12, Remembrance Day)
Jan 14 - Feb 18

Thursday 7PM - 9PM
Nov 8 - Dec 13 - only 1 space left

Jan 17 - Feb 21

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About this Class

Celebrate your own unique and passionate way of creating in our soulful acrylic painting course. 'Blue Sky' is perfect for first time and experienced  painters ready to ignite their creative life in our bright, happy studio in a community of lovely people.

It will be more beautiful than you could ever imagine

Delve into wildly inspiring, playful lessons exploring colour theory, etching, stamping, layering and expressive mark making with Kroma pure pigment acrylic paints.  Express yourself organically through your blossoming painting skills with a fresh new freedom through various fun exercises designed to help you express your true artistic vision.  

After registering for this class you will be sent a PDF of supplies needed to begin your art journey!

Look at that sea, girls. All silver and shadow and a vision of things not seen. We couldn’t enjoy its loveliness anymore if we had millions of dollars and ropes of diamonds.
— Anne of Green Gables

Awaken and cultivate your own intuitive, luminous style in a relaxed, joyful environment filled with music and happy vibes. I can tell you this - it will be magic! After this class you will be 'painting with heart.'

First time painters and all levels welcome. 

Main class photo by Vivienne McMaster

AVALANCHE! A total lift in my life and I mean this from the deeps of my heart. After I signed up for this painting course in my neighbourhood I found myself tapping into a euphoric resourceful state. I felt uplifted and happy - and moved out of my ‘stuck state’ I had been wallowing in for a while. It inspired a renewed vigour for my business. Just like yoga I feel everyone should make ‘blue sky’ a daily practice. The instructor Rachelle was the tonic my soul needed and The Luminous Elephant is a very rare and special studio. I also signed up my daughter Simone for the Chroma Kids class and she loves it!
— Natasha Mijic Frykman, THE SPOONK Founder and Owner
Breezy. Happy. Colourful. Take a chance on art! Thank you. LOVED it.
— Simone Wilde

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