Extra Ordinary ~ The Artist's Journal For Women

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Extra Ordinary ~ The Artist's Journal For Women



Tuesdays 10am - 12 pm
Sep 10 - Oct 15

Teacher: Madelyn Mulvaney

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About this Class

If you can dance and be free and not embarrassed -
You can rule the world! ~ Amy Poehler ~

Reclaim your spirit!

In these happy explorative classes you will animate your life and inner world in this beautiful artists journal of your very own.  Using found objects, flower petals, layers, ink, tape and ephemera, design your artist journal from start to finish.

Explore soul stirring questions! Create secret pages, exquisite backgrounds and unearth your own inner font.

Design a one of a kind cover and  create tiny pockets for your heart’s wishes dreams. Explore  moods with zen doodling.  You will experiment and create a colourful ‘dear diary’ world where you can play and develop as an artist. Explore your wandering, wondering heart with tons of SOULFUL, igniting prompts for journal writing during these lovely mornings of connection and art. 

Often the very best gift you can give yourself is time in a happy community  ~ time to ask questions and create mindfully for answers. Allow your dreams to ignite through you in your journal - this will truly serve your soul, your dreams in a kazillion miraculous, beautiful ways.  We all have dreams to create a magical life for ourselves - and we are the only ones who can make it happen.  

Women's journaling classes Vancouver B.C.


It takes a long time to sift through the more superficial voices of your own gift in order to enter into the deep signature and tonality of your Otherness. When you speak from that deep, inner voice, you are really speaking from the unique tabernacle of your own presence. There is a voice within you that no one, not even you, has ever heard. Give yourself the opportunity of silence and begin to develop your listening in order to hear, deep within yourself, the music of your own spirit.
John O'Donohue
Excerpt from Anam Cara 

And perhaps the loveliest thing of all - you will make wonderful discoveries, things you were not even in quest of.  

Happy vibes and refreshments included! Especially perfect for writers, artists and dreamers - YOU!  

Supplies Needed:  Please bring a journal of your choice (we find that coil ring binders or sketchbooks are best as they open perfectly for creative outbursts, any photo's, feathers, special ephemera you wish to bring - everything else is provided.

Love Notes

Four evenings of great conversations, mint tea and artistic inspirations has transformed my black and white journal into a book filled with colour, lightness and magic. Thank you Madelyn! About to sign up for more of your classes...
— Suzie Fong

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