DIP! - Pretty in Pink - Sold out

FRIDAY, JULY 14TH FROM 7:30 - 10:30 PM

Let's get together! (It will be more beautiful than you could ever imagine)

Luminous Socials are  creative, project-based evenings held in our beautiful studio by Granville Island in the Waterfall building.

Join us (please do!) for our July Luminous Social as we dabble in the art of Shibori style Dye.

Shibori traditionally uses indigo but for this lovely evening we will be playfully dabbling in hibiscus, cochial and other natural 'pretty in pink ' dyes from Maiwa supplies. We will also be embroidering a playful and sweet little 'heart' motif in the corner of our beach sarongs. 

create your  cotton sarong in the loveliest shades of pink.

Our evening out includes all supplies needed, a glass of cider and a bubbly mix of the loveliest people to ignite your creative ZING.  Lots of beeswax candles twinkling away in our sweet courtyard and studio at the Waterfall building.

$55.00 includes all materials, refreshments and sangria!

Social Evening:
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