Luminous Girls - Our Friendship Club

Our BEAUTIFUL club gathering runs once a month with field trips and wonderful ENDEAVOURS in between.

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For Ages 9-13

Be your unique, different self. There is no one else exactly like you in the whole wide world and this - is your superpower.

Our girls friendship club starts up again in the Fall which makes my favourite season twice as nice. 

Our girls are kind, they share, they encourage one another.

They look for the good and ask about each other's day. They create from their true authentic voice - and we all help to change the world. Donuts might be involved if you care (I always care when donuts are involved) – and pizza (gluten free, too) of course. 


This is our little pocket of the world where everyone is welcome and...


... there will be yoga, photowalks, community created, friendship bracelets, journaling in sketchbooks (provided!),  friendships ignited, not so random acts of kindness, gratitudes, amazing films made, art/self awareness explored and... of course so much more!

Led by Isla Walker and Madelyn - and featuring art ignitions by our various teachers!

*Luminous Girls* apparel for our girls is sponsored so very lovingly by Winston Lo of Creative Boulevard.

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