My Desk !

desk 4.jpg

Oh! And guess what? I snapped a few photo's of my desk (it is raining outside and it made me happy puttering around taking photos) 

The things I find and fall in love with:

1.  The painting over my desk - by my favourite painter, Richard Stout.  Our studio is filled with his glorious, colourful, JOYFUL masterpieces.  Everyone always comments on them - they really tickle one's happy vibes. They make me feel wonderfully uplifted in their presence.  (I own two of my own - this one in the photo is for sale.)

2. The fabulous 'Love Always Wins' marquee was a terrific find at 'Make' - and I get a kick out of changing up my manifestos. It comes with a box of colourful letters that are fun and playful.

3. Camera's - ! I am very very lucky that various friends gift me oldies they find here and there, forever ago.

4. I am a mug junkie - found this little beauty at the ceramics gallery on Granville Island - and it goes particularly well with vegan pumpkin donuts:)

5. Plants! Crystals! Pebbles! And Tata Harpers 'LOVE' potion. Such an exquisite, airy essential oil perfume - I wear it all the time.  

There is a lot of good energy in the space we work, create, live - whenever I get in a funk I take everything out and off of my desk area, spritz with essential oils and water - then re arrange everything around.  Guaranteed instant delight and brings in a 'whoosh' of creative inspiration every time.



3 beautiful things to start my day


1. COFFEE!  I set my auto function and my coffee brews  every morning at 5:30.  It smells so wonderful!  Then I scoot out of bed, poor a cup and write for 10 minutes in my journal, stare at the sun floating up over the mountains. I am happiest in the morning for sure.

2.  Listen to a fresh playlist on Spotify.  A morning with music is fabulous.  Ideally it's not to loud. If it is, oh well.

3.  Walk LUCY. Where oh where would I be without my Lucy?  We are a family of dog lovers. I adore my morning meanders with her.  She stops to smell absolutely everything (and not always everything 'nice') which makes me slow down and meander as well.  Rain or shine.  It's a date.  (I just bought Lucy a new rain jacket at the market - bright yellow! Say hi if you see us on the seawall!)

Have a fabulous day,


Wonderfulness alert!




Our girls friendship club starts up again in the Fall which makes my favourite season twice as nice. Our girls are kind, they share, they encourage one another. They look for the good and ask about each other's day. 

be different! there has never been another person in the world who is exactly like you - and there never will be 

They create from their true authentic voice - and we all help to change the world. (donuts might be involved if you care - I always care when donuts are involved )- and pizza (gluten free too) of course. 

The second Saturday of every month from 5-7 pm beginning September 9th. Free free free! Led by our very wonderful, amazing Olivia Rinne. Olivia is the gift of all gifts.

Call in to sign up in the studio! Ages 9 - 12