Inspired, grounded, happy

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morning coffee at my brother’s cottage on Denman island - it really is the simple things that make a beautiful life
— Maddie

This week a message popped up on my iPhone that read ' Your screen time went down 29 percent last week.' This thrilled me as I aspire to the highest quality of life to cultivate my spiritual growth. Recently at one of our Luminous Socials a woman asked me how I practice this level of inner sunshine and I thought I would love to share the little things I have identified that contribute to a more mindful day.

  1. Each and every day I read from a book (usually just a chapter!) and cook something wholesome in my little kitchen.

  2. I create a beautiful piece of work whether it be taking a photograph, writing a poem, or decorating a corner of my home.

  3. I am inspired to leave my phone at home when I go for a long, meandering walk with my dog Lucy or a friend along the seawall, Pacific Spirit park, up the mountains.

  4. I mediate each morning for 40 minutes and pariticualy love love love the Headspace app.

  5. I move my body every single day  - often on a hike, a bicycle ride, a yoga class at Semperviva or a simple walk with my dog.

  6. Each day - I have a quiet, sweet real conversation with someone I love - a present, 'listening' conversation where I make a point to reach out and explore a meaningful connection. I come away more deeply in love with this person - and cherish them all at the more profoundly for this time together as I have taken the time to understand their heart a bit better.

All these little bits of sunshine make me feel so much more inspired, grounded, happy.  Of course! I have bad days, and sad moments, and difficult challenges - but these simple practices bring out the very best and most beautiful of my life and my soul in our world.

What are your practices for a beautiful life?

big love,

five things Friday

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Well this is such a charmer (scooped it up In the bookshop on Denman Island

I’m sure you have flaws but I just can’t see them - how do you stand up to a sunset anyway?


A beautiful fellow proposed to his sweetheart in our studio a few weeks ago. He turned the entire studio into a gallery of photos and films celebrating their personal moments together. Now every morning when I come to ‘work, not work’ I can feel the love:). (and yes, she said yes)

This weekend I am gearing up for a cooking Fiesta! Pumpkin cookies, pumpkin maple pie, pumpkin scones…well, you get my drift:) I’m so content lately - filled with a quiet kind of thoughtfulness. My morning meditations are such abundance to me….




Hey!  I may be pining away somewhat for a balmy breeze under a bluebird sky (instead of this crisp cool rain) but there are thousands of reasons I am pretty happy these days.  The past few days I have been freshening up my apartment for the Chinese New Year - it took me until this week to join the party, and I won’t let that to happen to anyone else.

Don't you just love my charming Minnie Mug on the desk?  Recently I went on a weekend jaunt to Disneyland with my daughter Tess and her friend Felicia and Felicia's Mom.  We were like the four Mouseketeers in the California sun.  One of the things I crazy love about my daughter is she is a Disney Princess - she will never grow up or leave her love for all things Disney behind:)

I am heading to Toronto tomorrow to visit my son and bringing this book on the plane. If you have any amazing book suggestions please send me a list!

Can't wait for Coilin to edit our latest fantastic 'tiny' film - the Kerry Group held a marvellous team building event in our studio and created a wonderful short film together. (By the way, the group were gifted this book by their team leaders and I am going to scoop one up this week 

I have to say this was so perfect - every day I work very hard to unplug  - especially from my phone when out on hikes with Lucy. 

My favourite Twitter feed EVER.  Simply awake, soul enlivening and brilliant. My newest crush.

Obviously going to make these. 

And the right to BARE arms

Have a splendid weekend peeps!