it's a soul thing

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My music is loud in the studio.  I like the way it makes me feel this morning. Light, light. Sipping Oolong tea under falling fireworks of gypsy jazz tunes. And even though people at this early hour are walking right past the window I dance around this wonderful space like a funny bird and think 'I cannot be unhappy here.'

There is room for noticing things. Dahlia's on the table, the book of black and white photographs - a glass case with cobalt blue butterflies.  Even the little yellow plastic bowl is churchly!

It's a soul thing.  I think I have always known this. 

Listen to this true story…I found it here in a beautiful book my friend Catherine Beeckman wrote.

“One day, a group of Australian aborigines was wandering about an arid landscape, accompanied by an ethnologist.  This ethnologist, who was carefully making note of all his adventures, observed that from time to time, the group, composed primarily of men and women, would stop for a rather long time.  They would not stop to eat, look at something, sit, or rest.  They would just stop.  After two or three stops, the ethnologist asked them why.  

“It is very simple,” they replied, “we are awaiting our souls.”  

The ethnologist then understood that every once in a while, the souls would stop along the path to look, feel, or listen to something that the body could not or would not register.”

Our souls have invisible needs that are concealed to the body. They take nourishment from the world’s beauty (…), from knowledge, from education, from wisdom (…), from sharing, from justice, and from brotherhood.

An excerpt from “L’Âme du Monde” of Frederic Lenoir, editorial NiL, 2012 

My soul craves beauty.  I take many walks just to pay attention and drink in beauty along the way. There is so much to drink in! Burnished rings in the trunk of a fallen tree, the wavering gold light streaming through the forest, the intoxicating scent of pine needles as my Claret coloured rain boots walk along the path.  The curve of river at dusk. All this coming and going of spirit. A deep breath of gratitude wells up inside of me.  The satisfaction! THE SATISFACTION! 

Anyway.  It's that little yellow plastic bowl.  Last night was difficult you see.  I woke up in the middle of the night and there were dogs in my bed (Lucy, Romeo) but not the one I love most of all.  She passed away last month taking so much.   Leaving me little things like tennis balls under tables and a worn leash on a hook by the back door and a big empty hole in the middle of my heart. So I lost so much but I have so much from her too. A whole pile of little walks together noticing how the tides move, and where the ducks nest and how to find the perfect patch of grass to lay down and watch the sun set in. I miss the way she would put her paw on top of my hand when she wanted to feel close to me. I miss her fluffy head and warm heart and big soft brown eyes. She broke my heart but also made it so much bigger in the process.

And so.  Today I suppose my soul needed a little beauty to lift it's spirit.  Oolong tea, music and a little yellow plastic bowl. 

I cannot be unhappy here.



Oh by the way, guess what!  A beautiful little girl about to turn 8 asked me to help her create a 'Lord of the Rings' birthday party here in the studio for her.  And of course I said (yelled) yes. There will be Elf abodes made out of Hemlock trees with real moss rooftops, Elvish writing lessons and rumour has it ...Belgium waffles.  I cannot stop smiling.

Oh, and  - lovely promotion here.  When you purchase any Session Course in our studio before December 15 - you will also receive a gift certificate to any Paint Night.  Share the creative love people!  


one more beautiful thing:)  'I think we deserve people you really really love us.' ~ Alicia Keys ~