may I be your teacher please?

One beautiful photo – every single day. 

Half of Summer gone already!  I don’t want to think about it.  On the upside though it has been a good one.  I carted my blender into the studio and just this week blended a most awesome shake with pineapple, spinach, banana,  grass-fed yogurt and almond milk.  A little drizzle of raw honey ~ topped off with a pale yellow paper umbrella for panache.  It was the perfect drink to go with a billowy day. This week for date night I think I will whirr up some delicious smoothies for the kids as a magnificent treat.

Last week I had the most lovely honour of being featured in an interview regarding my small business.  In the interview they asked how the Luminous Elephant was birthed.  This question along with my answers  sparked quite a reaction and I have received so many emails asking me about this serendipitous moment and specifically how did I know to follow my impulse to open the studio.

So in the spirit of Thursday morning I thought I might elaborate on this just a little. The truth is I didn’t know – exactly.  But I did know that I had been seeking an opportunity to fuel my purpose.   I knew that art and self-expression were magical and transforming – and that I was not only  good at teaching – I was passionate about it.  I knew that it filled with me joy and I wanted to pass along my joy to others.  I wanted to connect, expand and have fun.  As well – and most importantly I was very lucky to be surrounded by  a family that loved and supported my gifts.  And friends.  Awesome friends. My family, my friends make my soul sing. This love is enormous.

In this dance of life I truly have experienced that the universe wants us to share our gifts and in its own magical  way it will flutter synchronicities (feathers) our way.  In return we have to learn to listen to our heart, follow a feeling, and then ~ act on the feeling.  When we act on that feeling it becomes pure beauty when expressed.  There is only one of each of us and the world is a better place when we connect with our unique gifts and share them with the world.  All that happiness…is contageous!

“Wherever you are, there you are.”

And that’s quite simply what happened with me and the elephant studio.  And there I was one day peering in the dirty windows of a much neglected corner space.  And inside this longing sort of welled up ~ may I be your teacher please?  I just needed a special little space to grow. A space to collaborate, create, share and grow.

And so here I am.  It feels especially right.

Oh, and don’t feel as though you have to run out and try  this right away – but what gifts/longings would you like to act upon?

Happy Thursday!



pst!  I have a tie dye birthday party booked coming up in the studio for one awesome little girl ~ wait till you see what surprises I have planned!


“You’re just jealous,” said Annabelle.

“No, I’m not,” said Nate.

But it turned out, he was.