blue green gold, and twenty five birds

I have been reading Goethe’s ‘A Theory of Colours’ and am now magnificently moved to invent names for colours I mix in the studio. (this is jasmine pearl, blushing rose, star gazing violet….this is mushroom cashmere and portal alpenglow.  Jade on river?  Serpentine ink.  Operatic gold, Zuni butterfly, stack of stones, fog and bone…pale blue hair ribbon, silver concertina.  

The kids have been inventing their own names as well for colours they mix in the studio ~ ‘donut green, Ana’s lipstick mountain red, Marko’s STOMP blue, magic pearl and light bright yellow.  There’s a lot of good stuff going in the studio lately.

Still.  I wish to speak of turquoise.  Late this morning I began to string a necklace together with sandalwood beads, pale opal rounds and seeds of turquoise.  Turquoise is such a revelatory stone and I have learned such wondrous things about it.

I learned that turquoise is most beautiful in hue in the evening of a full moon.

I learned that it changes colour depending on the mood/essence/spirit of the wearer of the stone.  That at times the colour vanishes altogether and appears air green.

I learned that when a woman in Egypt prepared for her death journey a long time ago, she would wear a bracelet of linked flat plaques mounted with delicately carved hawks until her wrist was a cirque of blue-green, gold, and twenty five birds. (tattoo? I think perhaps yes)

To protect yourself from lightning, the Navajo say, wear a bead of turquoise in your hair.

But most compellingly, I learned that turquoise is the stone of faith, truth and peace and has a glorious effect on the heart – and who doesn’t like to supply their heart?  I’m in.

I hope you are having a most lovely weekend in the sunshine.



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