what demands to be felt is....

I bought a new journal people!   A beauty!  Actually it is called a 'decomposition book' and I found it at Opus Art Supplies on Granville Island.  Soy ink. Chlorine free, 100 percent recycled waste and made using bio gas. I love it most madly for writing in and I have a confession to make - I write in it every single day.

Writing is a spiritual practice I am entirely devoted too.  It makes my heart sing. Sing! It makes my soul grow too. Writing lifts my heart and helps me stay true to my sweet self.  Explore, dream, find out what's inside ~ carve out a little time to give my pen a whirl on a page stacking up experiences, wishes, hopes and fears with exquisite unbounded reflection.  So present and full of mindfulness.   

Every morning!  Ten minutes. That's all folks, ten minutes. Even two minutes works now that I think about it. The safest place for my voice to be heard. I don't ever worry that my words might be read - but if it ever were a concern I would simply buy a lock box and key.

'What demands to be felt is....' (the fault in our stars)

Here is what I do. Every morning I pour a cup of coffee, or tea and settle down with my journal and pen.  I write non stop for ten minutes free flowing with a stream of consciousness style allowing all things to tumble onto the page.  Very rarely does it make perfect sense and nothing I write is easy to understand or beautifully put together. I don't want to try that hard and I prefer raw and creative writing to rational, critical brain thinking.  

'I finally grasp that keeping my peace isn't effortless: I have to work for it, and I want to.

~ Katie Arnold - Ratliff 

I quietly write and ponder. Penning what is personal, real and true. Opinions and ramblings all my own.  Some things that jump up with a clash, shouting 'Listen to this - this is important!' And then, sometime's it's nothing.  

Alway magical though, either way.   I surely trust what comes up ~ it's tiny and huge all in the same breath. A truly magnificent process, writing it all down.

That's it.  So simple. Brain dump ~ Hurrah! I head out into the world in such high spirits. 

And here - I would love to share this practice with you.  I will be teaching 'The Artist's Journal' beginning January for women. Right here, in the Luminous Elephant studio.  With some extra dazzling artsy creativity too - so we can illustrate our deepest revealings. I would love you to join me if you feel the stirrings within. Let's write!

Now if you will excuse me, I am off to play some upbeat music and make a big batch of butter cookies with lemon zest. 

Sending you a parade of warm wishes for a wonderful week,



pst! speaking of writing - this is SO good! So good! aaaaaaand...got LOVE to share?