Hello there!

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Hello there!

This chilly week's inspiration is a mix of so many things.  Bobble hats and furry loafers, poetry, Celtic Princesses and secret gardens.  Sarah Moon.  Silver, saphire and jade. Listening to this  beautiful album over and over. Tea! Morning rituals. (never underestimate the small things) Poetry by Mary Oliver ~  she has a way of making you melt.

I have also been enchanted by a new location for my luminous elephant.  A bit of upstream work is needed for the elephant to move in so I hold it in my heart for a while while I paddle along.  (I believe that everything happens when it needs to happen)

Friends!  I love when they come in and open cupboards and make themselves a cup of Jasmine pearls tea.  They remind me to shine a light on what I want more of in life.

LOVE. Always. I could watch this over and over.  I DO watch this over and over. These are REAL shots by the way, nothing staged here.  You can't fake love.

love, always