I like you better than everything in the sky

the cherry blossoms and the luminous elephant



A little bit of lovely. (beneath cherry blossoms!)  It's been such a magic making week here in the studio. We have been gathering wildflowers in the ChromaKids class (probably because they are best thing ever) and seventeen fabulous  women signed up for the "My Sweet Muse' photo e~course."  This is a luminous little subscription  - 20 days of lovely photography prompts filled with tiny poems, songs, and churchly prayers for beautiful photo's. You will be so inspired to fall in love with photography. I am so happy with this sweet offering and I know you will be too.

Here's to tunes a spinning on a Sunday, steamed Almond milk with Maca - and strawberries in a little yellow bowl.  

I like you better than everything in the sky (ee cummings),