Life is a special occasion

ravishing peonies

Pretty moments in the studio...

I kind of fell in love with this week. I drew.  I collaged.  I painted and wrote.  (a new online course coming soon by the way!)  And I bought a new gratitude journal from Banyon books on West 4th because as every knows practising gratitude rewires your brain to bring attention and presence to what is good and lovely and brilliant in your life.  FIRST. ( Before that negative spin that can ocassionally appear  sets it's teeth in your bones .) Plus it feels awesome.  We need the tonic of daily gratitude! And I LOVE having one whole journal JUST for gratitude. Here...let me share with you - Three beautiful things I am happy and so utterly grateful for today.  

1.  I am grateful for my friends. The friends that filled my studio last night for an evening of painting, Peruvian Pisca's (thank you Mahala!!) glimmering yellow candles and laughter rolling like the surf all night long.  And that awesome playlist. Even the potato bugs were dancing!  And Rachelle - because that girl rocks our Blue Sky Painting Class like an Avalanche of JOY.

2.  This darling.  And MY GOD THIS FILM,  Because it's the most romantic film ever and not in the way you could ever expect.  Well, you could.  If you have been through STUFF and still ended up with LOVE - and we all have. Think about that one.  

3.  For the golden clouds staring at my knees on my bicycle ride home.

And you. Yes, YOU! 

love, always


ps - Oh, and Peonies and Spoonks and homemade Pizza with a handful of Basil.  Because basil makes my world go round. Sometime's I just have to make homemade pizza.