Rise and shine!  It's Sunday! On this sunny Sunday I am in love with palettes of hibiscus pink, silvery blue and feathery plums, paying attention to what brings me peace, and realizing more than ever that some of the most beautiful experiences neither require an i-phone or oodles of cash, but just me:) 

I am in a flurry of activity refreshing the studio because it occurs to me that different studios make you produce different work - and I want to shake up the awesome works that glide out of here daily with constant and every changing inspirations in the decor. I love to create a space where everyone can feel free and be creative without boundaries.  Soon deer antlers and bones will be arriving for a sketching class with Rachelle, along with bowls of cherries and papaya celebrating my irrefutable attraction to the still life jewel tones  for my 'beautiful beginner's photography camp.

I highly recommend blazing through your creative space like a tsunami of joy - such invigoration!  

There are some awesome new books on our shelves too - this one is the inspiration for my flurry of design activity ...and ...this magazine is now on my wish list and I am absolutely besotted with  Jo Bertini's 'Fieldwork.' And just this week we taught 29 beyond brilliant kids from Queen Mary Elementary a painting workshop and they gifted the studio a most wonderful book on Watercolour techniques by Alwyn Cranwshaw.  Only it's not in the studio, it's in my backpack along with my travel watercolour kit. :) my gratitude journal yesterday I wrote...I am grateful for mango curry and health insurance and a bicycle with gears. What are you grateful for?

bundles of love