pearls and pugs

Vancouver Art Classes for kids

It's not quite Sunday yet but let's pretend it is because I am so excited to go hiking tomorrow. Anyway Sunday is ...favourite things. Pearls and pugs.  (they are such great pets!). Morning coffee, sun and sunlight - and anything by the lake.  Poetry, Indie films and a set of beautiful hardcover photography books by Ansel Adams that Pete found for me at a garage sale.  (I am reading 'Natural Light Photography' first and I am enthralled - in particular his section on how to photograph clouds)

There is no more beautiful illumination than that from open sky alone, including overcast and fog. The sky appears blue because of the scattering of the blue light from the sun by the minute particles in the atmosphere. In their most delicate or dramatic forms, clouds universally arouse a definite emotional response in the spectator. Consequently, no phenomenon of the natural world has been more widely photographed - and none has cause more perplexity to the photographer.
— Ansel Adams

Other favourite things..sprouted walnut pesto with HEAPS of organic basil and oodles of fresh squeezed lemon.  Watermelon. The 'Free Things' section of Craigslist because this week I was gifted the most beautiful 30 year old Jade  plant in a stunning blue terracotta planter.  Imagine!  I named her Jade and she lives in the studio by the front window.  WINDOWS!  Greek yogurt face masks (so simple, a natural exfoliant - who knew!) and my pretty vintage mood ring you may be able to spot in the photo of my desk in the studio, above. 

Moon and moonlight.  Exquisite paintings.  Waterfalls and clouds.  White, grey and black and foliage in hues of evergreen.

The two lovely Grouse feathers my neighbour brought over for me today - she also has a Berenese mountain dog and Lucy likes to pop over for a dip in her baby wading pool.

Lucy's!  Rainbows.

Happy Sunday

love, always