wishing you a future bright for 2017

The best 2017

Yesterday I tried to throw things onto a calendar to spring some sparkly 'intentions' for 2017 but for some really weird reason nothing seemed to materialize - I was completely stuck for the first time ever.  (I consider myself to be a master vision boarder)

I couldn't even come up with a word for the New Year (peace, clarity, love, flow?) Maybe just a lot of f u n.  

So I was reminded there is no right or wrong way to sail into the New Year and anyway, a lot of times broken resolutions and mistakes lead to something beautiful.  Eventually. Everything happens when it needs to happen and my life already is perfect with an abundance of perfect blessings.  Clearly I'm a little short on words to describe how I feel about all of this but maybe this picture will give you some idea - I do know for sure that I want to spend even more time with the people I love.  That's my happiest place. 

'do what you love' moment - 

I had no idea I was going to run my beautiful little business - it was all the most thrilling act of serendipity.   It was also a real 'do what you love' moment - I just jumped aboard this ship sailing by and the luminous elephant turned out to be the most beautiful surprise.  Sort of like finding your real partner  - when you do, it's completely mutual. It makes my life so fulfilling, so meaningful.  I am gliding into my third year of a heart based small business and grateful for every moment gifted me thus far. So how could I ever  wish for anything more? I have my family, my little elephant - I live in an exquisite part of the world - so much to be thankful for.

Oh I know!  I want to ride my bicycle more this year.  It's kind of amazing how wonderful biking makes me feel. I will peddle off all smiley and let the Universe do her thing:)

And this...just popped into my head - right this very instant.

full house, open heart

That's it!  These are my words for 2017. My beautiful daughter Tess is getting married to the most wonderful man this year - so this is wonderfully fitting:)

Thank you for everything.  All of this to say from my little family to yours: Happy New Year! Wishing you a future bright and brimming with love (after midnight)  -  I look forward to gliding into this magnificent 2017 and seeing how everything unfolds. 


love, always