five things Sunday

1.  Oh look!  Another beach shot. My favourite little slice of my week was the  'golden hour' field trip to the beach with my Shine On Photography class. We meandered along the shore with polaroid, iPhone, and  digital camera's to capture the soft, rosey light of early morning. The light was something else - I wish you could have seen it. I am pleased to report I was entirely covered with sand and seawater when we returned to the studio from capturing this little gem of a seashell.

2.  The Luminous Elephant is growing, growing, growing!  We are moving to a simply perfect, magical new space in the Waterfall Building on West 2nd Avenue by Granville Island.  All classes beginning April 1st will be held there.  Can you believe it? This has been made manifest by a very beautiful, supportive circle of friends and family who stepped up with unconditional faith in me and the little studio when the space became available.  Even the owner of the space leaned in with generous support to make this happen!  You have no idea what this meant to me to be so fully loved and believed in - it is a very special thing, and a pure expression of love.  It is so hard to convey the gratitude and joy I feel with all of this love - I can only hope you feel it too when you visit the new space. (please come visit the new space!) 

And, of course there will be a party.  Stay tuned for details.

3.  I feel so young, so often lately- it's the kind of young feeling that comes with the lively happiness of spending time with family and friends, creating lovely things - and being 'on soul purpose.'  I am convinced connecting daily to a deeper purpose that spreads joy helps you feel younger.   Obviously I am under the luminous elephant influence. It is so affecting. And homemade pizza of course.  I don't need anything else.

4.  We have a gorgeous new line of Natural pigment Acrylic Paints which we will be selling in our new studio.  The line is called 'Luminous' and was created by our Artist Instructor Rachelle Dahle.  You will be enchanted!

5.  One beautiful thing:  In the past few months I have learned to surrender when things don't go my way.  To leave space for the Universe to help me create the life I desire in the time that is timely perfect. It is far better to flow with what you can do rather than fretting about what you cannot do.  




love, always