Just do it!

I know I once said this already, but I really , really, really, love being in my studio.  Having things around that you have created, that your friends have created, does wonders for your happiness.

For the past few days, I have been tinkering in the studio between here and there  feeling a magnificent kind of peace I haven't felt for quite some time.  I think that's why I love the photo detail of my desk above so much - in such a simple image it captures that peacefulness.  At first I almost swept it aside in my files until I studied it for a moment and glimpsed that elusive something beautiful.  The sweet pottery bowl my friend Caroline made for me, the organic apple snack that goes with my glory nut butter, flowers, canvas....a bottle of water. 

Anyway.  Of course I miss my old studio and for sure I bucked at the necessity of moving even as the days drew near to it's demolition.  I certainly felt a grip of fear in knowing I had to find a new space but in the same breath I also knew I had to have faith and move forward full on. Gracefully rise to the occasion and take action. There were moments when I thought I could really get upset about this right now, really resist the change and succumb to the fear swirling inside of me. Things don't stay the same forever. They just don't no matter how much we wish we could keep things exactly as they are. Change is scary and hard but surely good as well.

So - leaning forward and finally find my dream studio to move my beautiful elephant into really brought something up to the surface for me - a wonderful version of myself I didn't know was even possible.  It was scary but mostly exciting and empowering as I flowed upstream towards a whole lot of goodness.

“You will learn a lot about yourself if you stretch in the direction of goodness, of bigness, of kindness, of forgiveness, of emotional bravery. Be a warrior for love.” 

Everything happens when it needs to happen. So I'm grateful for all of this and my elephant feels more like a mission than a business - a heart centered mission. There truly is something that each and every one of us is born to do - and each and every one of us, alone. There is a plan, a mission for our lives. It is so necessary to listen to our hearts and follow our gifts. 

I am so happy for the upcoming week.  I want to fill it with meaningful conversations, thoughtful gifts, celebrations, oodles of  creative outbursts and so much more.  Tomorrow our Blue Sky Painting class for adults begins  for the first time in our new studio - and there is absolutely one zillion percent no more better way to begin the week anywhere. The Blue Sky painting class is splendid for joy and overall glow.  I get to witness in awe how women who feel SO tired and overwhelmed fill their mornings with colour and music and happy connections in our studio - and we are all reminded how life is really supposed to feel good and delightful and joyFUL.  It's easy to forget.  

I can't wait!

love, always



Hey! I LOVE Ethan Hawke!  (the actually interview doesn't start for 15 minutes in so make a healthy smoothie and avoid the annoying banter!) - plus 'You've got to find your voice." (Amen to that)

h - and! My daughter Tess and I went shopping and I discovered this lovely, inexpensive vital cream - pure beauty