Say yes say yes!

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It's been a wonderful morning of conversations in the studio - one in particular I am moved to share.  A woman came in admiring all the classes in our studio and lamented that she was 'just too busy' to take a painting class even though she longed to reach out and scoop some of that joy for herself. She always wanted to paint, she told me, for years and years!  But she was just too busy.

Can you imagine?!  This woman has deep desires - desires to create and be moved and experience joy in the making! But she is too busy.

I hear this a lot in a lot of different situations.  So many excuses! We all do it (I do it!) - we are too busy to paint, too busy to cook wholesome meals, too busy to ride a bicycle along the seawall, to volunteer, or take that Salsa dancing lesson at the community centre.  We are too busy to have lunch with a dear old friend or walk our dogs along the river on a golden Saturday afternoon or plant a windowsill of lively herbs while listening to pretty songs.

But none of this true, it really isn't.  There is enough time for all the things that are important, that feed our soul, that rejuvenate our spirit and uplift our community.  We can take better care of ourselves, we can ride that bicycle and carve out even 10 minutes for quiet mediation in the morning.  We can prepare a beautiful meal with a lovely bottle of wine and have a friend over that we haven't connected with for a very long while, And it's very simple  - all we have to do is say YES to what we long to do - and NO to things that deplete our energies.

Wouldn't it be far better to say no to all the things that fill up our time with empty moments like an avalanche of sand and replace all that running around with significant and beautiful experiences?  Make a list!  In order of priority, make a list of what you most in your heart of hearts would really like to do! You will be so happy, your world will take on a rosy glow - you will radiate delight and others will notice and want some of that happiness for themselves too. This world is filled with limitless possibilities! - and tomorrow is a promise to no one.

I think we all have to encourage each other - encourage each other to to be inspired with daily life. To encourage each other to wake up and reach out for an armful of magnificence in life, to say 'yes' to the REAL things that will make us feel happier.

 (I can't have these beautiful insights and not share them with someone!)

love, always


pst - Hanna built a teepee in our studio for her photography exhibit -and of course it's beautiful, I am madly in love with SPUD -  nice things are always so nice , I am reading and loving this, and making this (and loving it too) - and and and! I have a massive crush on Simon Pegg.