Sunday morning - five things!

1.  I love Sunday mornings, absolutely everything about them.  This one is particularly lovely with pets running around, music being played and a perfect French Press of coffee (with a spoonful of sprouted Cacao thrown in for awesome measure)  There is just something about Sunday's that allow myself to be me in a more beautiful way.  

2.  Reading 'my beautiful friend' (brilliant!) and Happiness (life changing) - and watching Season Two of the Gilmore Girls (I KNOW!  WHAT TOOK ME SO LONGGG?!)

3.  I fell into a tiny funk this week so after allowing myself to wallow around a bit I pulled my spirits up with my timeless recipe for joy ...

thank (a never-ending list )

love (my kids, my kids!)

smile, laugh

meditate (SO good! - I meditate overlooking the Granville Island Marina on a little hill in front of an apartment building) 

relax (Gilmore girls, baking, making candles, walking the dogs, staring out my windows at the mountains)

give (so much to give!)

socialize (with such lovely friends, how can I not?)

experience (road trips, road trips!)

exercise (biking mostly -  along the sea wall - entirely JOYFUL)

4.  Loving the Festival of Lights in Vancouver this year - spent a magical evening on Tess's finance's family boat last week sipping ciders as the sun set. Speaking of thankful I am SO thankful I love that family to the  moon and back.  Instant love.  

5.  See that Canon AE1 camera in the photo above?  Getting all film-y this week with 2   rolls of film.  The impatience is crazeeeeee waiting for it to be developed! Film nudges me to observe better and be present since film is quite costly.  (but oh, so worth it)

Ok.  I think that's it - I am off on a little road trip  to swim in a lake this afternoon. I love being outdoors - all kinds of beautiful   things happen deep within:)

love to you all,