It doesn't look like much BUT WAIT!!

It doesn't look like much BUT WAIT!!!  I CLEANED MY DESK!  Wonder of wonders - It feels spectacular! I feel like a new woman! Tiny awesome plants were planted in  tiny awesome handmade pottery.  And I named them all too. (Greta, Jude and Oliver) Dust was banished, a collection of coffee mugs were cleaned - peppermint essential oil was spritzed all around with happy abandon. It's a real pleasure to work at my desk with the window light streaming in on all this green finery.

OH MY GOSH I love this season.  I am in love with Fall.  Falling for Fall and all those silly puns you could ever possibly think up. 

Song of the morning is from Jason Mraz - kids love listening to Jason in the studio when they are painting and creating fibre LOOPY projects, adults love him sketching in our 'Pencils' class  - and Lucy dogs especially love his beautiful voice when they are rolling around on the floor apparently doing not much of anything. 

When I go home today I am baking chocolate chip cookies - and trying out this splendid new app for journalling (I hear it is brilliant)

sending big love vibes your way,