Hey!  I may be pining away somewhat for a balmy breeze under a bluebird sky (instead of this crisp cool rain) but there are thousands of reasons I am pretty happy these days.  The past few days I have been freshening up my apartment for the Chinese New Year - it took me until this week to join the party, and I won’t let that to happen to anyone else.

Don't you just love my charming Minnie Mug on the desk?  Recently I went on a weekend jaunt to Disneyland with my daughter Tess and her friend Felicia and Felicia's Mom.  We were like the four Mouseketeers in the California sun.  One of the things I crazy love about my daughter is she is a Disney Princess - she will never grow up or leave her love for all things Disney behind:)

I am heading to Toronto tomorrow to visit my son and bringing this book on the plane. If you have any amazing book suggestions please send me a list!

Can't wait for Coilin to edit our latest fantastic 'tiny' film - the Kerry Group held a marvellous team building event in our studio and created a wonderful short film together. (By the way, the group were gifted this book by their team leaders and I am going to scoop one up this week 

I have to say this was so perfect - every day I work very hard to unplug  - especially from my phone when out on hikes with Lucy. 

My favourite Twitter feed EVER.  Simply awake, soul enlivening and brilliant. My newest crush.

Obviously going to make these. 

And the right to BARE arms

Have a splendid weekend peeps!