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We have a beautiful Holiday Camp offering for all of you delightful creative kids out there. Painting, polaroid photo booths,  making lovely gifts (think miniature felted mice and sugar plums!) and hand stamping our very own gift wrapping paper with  silver and gold. We will be listening to Holiday tunes and even celebrating with a tree decorating party on the last day.  (cookies might be involved if you care - I always care when buttery cookies are involved). Well, we hope to have your join in all this creative merry making.

Our 2017 classes are filling up so quickly - and Team Building Events in January are at an all time high for bookings - so thank you for that! I truly appreciate that you consider our studio for some old fashioned creative bonding with co workers:)

l o v e   s h a r e d 

I know this is ridiculously early to announce but I just can't help myself.  In February we will be hosting an awesome Indigo Bear sewing party for Valentines day with Kidsworld Events (I LOVE this business!) Families are invited to come and hand sew a lovely, unique little bear which will be gifted to the B.C. Children's Hospital for Valentines day.  Riesco and Lapres have generously donated a STUNNING array of fabrics so each bear will be unique and magical just like the child that creates it:) 

Announcements will go up shortly on our website so call in to reserve your space to sew a bear.  It is all FREE so don't be shy!  Share the love!

love, always


oh! PST! Check out the films our kids made in the Movie Magic Homelearners edition! 


Here are the picture-books  that aremost imaginative, intelligent, and warmhearted this year — books that speak, even sing, to hearts of all ages and embody E.B. White’s proclamation that successful writers of children’s books “have to write up, not down.”


It doesn't look like much BUT WAIT!!

It doesn't look like much BUT WAIT!!!  I CLEANED MY DESK!  Wonder of wonders - It feels spectacular! I feel like a new woman! Tiny awesome plants were planted in  tiny awesome handmade pottery.  And I named them all too. (Greta, Jude and Oliver) Dust was banished, a collection of coffee mugs were cleaned - peppermint essential oil was spritzed all around with happy abandon. It's a real pleasure to work at my desk with the window light streaming in on all this green finery.

OH MY GOSH I love this season.  I am in love with Fall.  Falling for Fall and all those silly puns you could ever possibly think up. 

Song of the morning is from Jason Mraz - kids love listening to Jason in the studio when they are painting and creating fibre LOOPY projects, adults love him sketching in our 'Pencils' class  - and Lucy dogs especially love his beautiful voice when they are rolling around on the floor apparently doing not much of anything. 

When I go home today I am baking chocolate chip cookies - and trying out this splendid new app for journalling (I hear it is brilliant)

sending big love vibes your way,


And: Peach Pie

1.  A lot can happen in a week.  Wrapping up the final Summer Camp in the studio, I suddenly felt overwhelmed with exhaustion - really deeply tired, irritable and lacklustre in every way - the timing was perfect, however and I scooted up to Whistler with the kids for a long weekend of doing ...mostly nothing.

I am lazier than I let on. 

 I felt entirely justified skipping work to sip Carolan's in my morning coffee, devour tiny tubs of ice cream and slices of peach pie by the fire in the evening , and let time simply slip away. There's nothing wrong with doing nothing! I swam in the pool, day dreamed in the hot tub, wandered around the Lake, played Disney Villains Monopoly with my kids (grown kids!)

Ciders were drunk, naps were embraced! 

Beautiful random downtime - wonderful, wonderful.

2.  And now suddenly it is Fall.  My favourite time of the year by the way.  Autumnal days are feeling, sensing, marvellous days - good for lovers and dreamers.

3.  Autumn is good for Tai Chi too!  I signed up for Tai Chi classes at my local community centre.  You might want to join me. Or is that's not your thing - come to our next Social!

4.  I need a new sweater.  Sweaters make me happy.

5.  Beautiful, beautiful!

Happy dreams sugarbeets