BIG LOVE Summer camps for kids 2017 Vancouver!

kids camps vancouver 2017

I find myself feeling delighted on a regular basis. For sure I am delighted with my 'big love' mug gifted to me by my friend Andrea.  Seriously!  Who can resist smiling just LOOKING at it!  It also came with a box of Ginger Kick tea although currently my love mug holds a cuppa Miso broth.

I am really looking forward to the weekend - my daughter's LOVE PUG Romeo is coming to stay over for a few days so we will be curling up with popcorn, veggies and gluten free flourless cookies:) (another friend of mine gifted me a whole pile of awesome books so reading is definitely on the agenda. ) I love the little guy - Lucy tends to get jealous but they always sort themselves out. It will be a  weekend crowned with puppies!

Anyway - it is sunny outside the studio - a beautiful sharp, clear and insistent sunshine so I think I shall wander down to Go Fish for some french fries with Lucy.

But before we wander I have an announcement to make - I have never made an announcement like this before , and it feels very shouty to do it through the computer screen, so perhaps we can pretend we are sipping tea and chatting in the studio.  


Have a beautiful weekend:)




The very best, most beautiful birthday parties in Vancouver for kids are here!

Vancouver beautiful birthday parties for kids


In our Luminous Elephant Studio of course!  What kind of a loveable self promoter would I be if I didn't sing our happy birthday party praises?

Spring is slinking around Granville Island in the form of rose, mint and raspberry hued tulips, billowing white clouds and sailboats spinning drunkenly around the marina.  GLORIOUS!  While I write this little happy post, kids are playing the Ukulele in our studio music class and chasing Lucy into the courtyard.

Anyway, back to Birthday Parties - the truth is... I almost grew tired to them.  Almost.

I mean, of course I love parties.  (Party? Yes! Cake? Obviously! Friends and family and merriment? Absolutely! ) But I was feeling a little less-than-awesome about the flurry of activity zipping by wildly in two hours with our BIG parties)

But Maddie, what's wrong with big parties?

First of all - they are usually loud and fast and quite stressful for families. Even when they are held here - out of the house and in our pretty studio.

Second of all,  before you know it, the party has gone by in a blur. And who wants their very special day that only comes once a year to go by in a blur?

Thirdly, when you have a lot of kids parties can be very expensive.  And I know we all make financial allowances for the promise of something lovely - but really, often these noisy parties are not that lovely at all.

And then. One day I hosted a slightly different kind of studio party and of all the parties we celebrated here, this is the one everyone went wild for.  Because connection.

It was really so simple.  A family came in to chat about a party for their 7 year old daughter Sophie and announced 19 kids would be attending.  They were excited to have a 'Paris' party for her and we created a theme of having the kids sew their very own french bears with jaunty berets.  

I really wanted to create an experience that would be joyous and memorable in all the very best ways.  I suggested that the family consider limiting the list to 10 kids - and invite their family and friends to stay as well rather than dropping the kids off.  I offered that they might bring wine (wine!)  And cheese. (cheese!)   We chatted about  projecting photos of the birthday girl on our theatre wall,  creating a wonderful playlist of Sophie's favourite music - simply hanging out together, connecting.  As if they were having a home party (which really are the very best parties anyway) but without the weariness of clean up.  Because after all, we have a couch, a tea cart, very comfy chairs, and a courtyard and a waterfall.  Who doesn't love a waterfall?

Pretty as a picture!

And so they did.  It was incredibly beautiful. Pretty as a picture. In fact all the parents really got into the bear sewing and were helping their kids with the unique designs of these very French bears.  They sipped on wine, played music, nibbled on appetizers. And oh, it actually turned into a bit of a potluck as various friends brought along some treats to share. Of course there was cake. After the celebration they all decided to go for a walk down to Granville Island  together in the sunshine.  It was a just like a storybook party. I could go on forever about that afternoon I loved it so much! 

So. See where I am going with this? WhereEVER you have your party for your little one - or even if it is a celebration for yourself - remember 'connection.'  Slow it down, choose your friends thoughtfully - settle in and cherish the time together in an old fashioned happy way. Chat.  Eat, drink, celebrate, create - together:) You rule the party - not the other way around.

love, always