Inspired, grounded, happy

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morning coffee at my brother’s cottage on Denman island - it really is the simple things that make a beautiful life
— Maddie

This week a message popped up on my iPhone that read ' Your screen time went down 29 percent last week.' This thrilled me as I aspire to the highest quality of life to cultivate my spiritual growth. Recently at one of our Luminous Socials a woman asked me how I practice this level of inner sunshine and I thought I would love to share the little things I have identified that contribute to a more mindful day.

  1. Each and every day I read from a book (usually just a chapter!) and cook something wholesome in my little kitchen.

  2. I create a beautiful piece of work whether it be taking a photograph, writing a poem, or decorating a corner of my home.

  3. I am inspired to leave my phone at home when I go for a long, meandering walk with my dog Lucy or a friend along the seawall, Pacific Spirit park, up the mountains.

  4. I mediate each morning for 40 minutes and pariticualy love love love the Headspace app.

  5. I move my body every single day  - often on a hike, a bicycle ride, a yoga class at Semperviva or a simple walk with my dog.

  6. Each day - I have a quiet, sweet real conversation with someone I love - a present, 'listening' conversation where I make a point to reach out and explore a meaningful connection. I come away more deeply in love with this person - and cherish them all at the more profoundly for this time together as I have taken the time to understand their heart a bit better.

All these little bits of sunshine make me feel so much more inspired, grounded, happy.  Of course! I have bad days, and sad moments, and difficult challenges - but these simple practices bring out the very best and most beautiful of my life and my soul in our world.

What are your practices for a beautiful life?

big love,