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Bella Grace Magazine - Simple and beautiful ways to grow your soul

bella grace magazine


It is just so beautiful.  Bella Grace Magazine - seriously one of the most ethereal publications.  You will love Bella Grace unconditionally forever once you read it.  It is a rare, most rare find  and contains the "tonic of wildness" enfolded in each and every page with a stunning line up of contributing artist's who truly understand the bravery of living a different life - or rather, just living.  After reading  one article I always am moved to run out and drink in sunlight falling on a pale blue pitcher, sailboats, birds, travelling, wine, the darkest of storms ~ and even  the spirit of Aduanero's Sleeping Gypsy.  So much magic in one dazzling magazine!

Simple and beautiful ways to grow your soul

Anyway. I am so honoured and deeply thankful to have another article included in Bella Grace.  My  spirit soars when I  write for Bella Grace  - and I hope you have a chance to scoop up  a copy for yourself.  You will be ENCHANTED. 

love always