Vitamin Daily

Elizabeth Hewitt of Vitamin Daily is smitten with our Happy Place :)

Beautiful Beginner's Photography Class   



This morning I was enjoying a smoothie ~ blueberry, maca, banana, cacao, wild cherries and almond milk ~  on the couch with Lucy.   Light streaming in, barefoot, Paulo Santo, flowers.  (I love to take this time each morning to 'create my day.') Anyway -  suddenly  I found this beautiFUL article written by Elizabeth Hewitt of Vitamin Daily about my little studio on their front page.

What, what!!! I felt absolutely humbled with her dear, thoughtful words. A few weeks ago, I was blessed with the delight of meeting  Elizabeth and her daughter in the studio on a  pearly, rainy morning when they came in for a workshop  and she truly is one of those rare world beautifying people. Very kind, open, and generous hearted and she absolutely connects with the  magic of creativity .  She's simply the beautifulest! Being around Elizabeth  is shine by proximity.  We shared a lovely time together exploring all the good things.  Sun printing, watercolour painting techniques ~ and morning lattes with some pretty awesome kiddos and parents.

Anyway - I hope you read it - it made my day:)

big love,


pst! 'I think you still have lighting in you.' (SO GOOD!)