five hundred million little bells

Last week our Spring Break Camp 'The Little Prince' broke my heart in the best possible way.  So much love, creativity and joy in this vibrant, poetic class!  I am high on my work. I am happy.  Exploring the world of the little prince and his rose reminds me to be kinder to myself and to others.   This filled with five hundred million bells of ways to love each other so much better. Unforgettable, beautiful. 

Did I mention there were tears?  A small river of tears as the eye could see? At the end of the week I burst into tears when the children left - a sacred ritual of small/passionate business ownership I am learning.

"And now here is my secret, a very simple secret: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.” 

This class is also offered on Saturday mornings beginning in April. I would be so thrilled to have you join us in this lovely, most lovely class.





The tender, poetic world of the little prince


There are the usual moments when my creative inspirations come straight from my dreams or heart floating through the cosmos and landing happily in the palms of my outstretched hands almost as if by magic.  The best thing about creating classes for my studio is that there is an intuitive force that moves through me that doesn't pass through the critical mind.

And in the case of my newest workshop for The Luminous Elephant studio  this is truly the case - and something else again, as my beautiful friend Catherine Beekman is collaborating with me as well on this most lyrical and dear workshop to bring the tender story of The Little Prince to creative life.

We've got a lot of love in our hands with this one.  Tuning into the love stream we have conjured up the most delightful and poetic mixed media projects and you are going to be so happy and amazed with what the children create here during Spring Break.

The Little Prince is such a magical little novella!  The author Antoine de Saint-Exupery  explores the world of the boy prince and his tiny planet in the deepest philosophical exploration of human nature and the power of love. It is a beautiful, mysterious book filled with winsome illustrations and has been translated into more than 250 languages and dialects.

During our Spring break week we will read this book together in class and illustrate with wonder the little prince's universe in various, poetic mixed media projects. Our first week session will be bilingual (both English and French together) and the second and third in English.

Just imagine! ...We will conjure it all in this magical camp!

  • creating his planets with paper mache
  • painting a large scale (24 x 18) acrylic portrait of the little prince  with vivid Kroma acrylic paints 
  • penning a Princely poem, creating 'little prince' cards to send to our very own 'rose' 'pilot' and 'fox' by mail (stamps included!)
  • designing an origami fox   
  • constructing a miniature diorama to get acquainted with the butterflies
  • collaborating on constructing a vast sculptural world of the dessert with clay snakes
  • assembling our own mobile adding a favourite and beloved quote from the book each day - with our own creative vision ~ little planes?  tiny planets?
  • working on a magnificent sculpure of the Balboa plant - adding our own 'beautiful thoughts' to one and dumping our 'unnatractive thoughts in little envelopes on the other'  (taking care daily of the weeds)
  • creating our very own vision of an '8th planet/asteroid' which is a symbol of  own unique spirit 

... all in creative tribute to the tender little prince and his lovely rose. 

The very last moments of this week will be as compelling as the first I promise you. This course is more beautiful than the description would ever let you believe and WE WILL HAVE GREAT FUN! 

On another note, there has been a tiny stampede of children this week in the studio for birthday party bookings ~ please call in if you are considering celebrating in our happy space as we are almost fully booked through to April - A lot of Springtime babies it seems!

I am looking forward to the weekend - going to make homemade strawberry rose granola bars and run the dogs around all the beauty blossoming in Deep Cove.

Wishing you a creatively nourishing and love filled couple of days!

pst! by the way, five of my girlfriends and I ventured out together for dinner at the most joyful, delightful, cosmically YUMMY Peruvian restaurant on East Broadway near Main - Chicca's (I highly recommend their classic Pisca)