and then of course, there's glee

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Sometime's when I talk about Art I worry that I sound like a broken record. But the truth is creativity is 100 percent LOVE and it's hard to keep quiet about that. And then of course there is GLEE - a state of extreme joy and happiness.  There are heaps of that tossed in for cheery measure as well.  

I see Glee activated every day in my studio. ~ specially in the Blue Sky Painting class.  Women come into the studio to create their own kind of beautiful and in some quietly terrific kind of way they cross a threshold where they lose all sense of time and become electrified in the process of making.  It makes me feel so thrilled I want to stand up on a soapbox and proclaim "I promised Glee and I shall deliver!!"at the beginning of every class. 

Art is magic like that. We've had experiences in here.  The lively, vital, frolicsome kind.

Anyway.  I could go on and on but I guess I should leave it here except perhaps to say that we ought to all look at what brings us that sensation of gladness.  There is lots of chatter about mindfulness and inner peace and presence - but what about GLEE?!!!  Believe me I am pretty sure there is nothing more present that the state of joy. 

Perhaps we could commit to things daily that bring us into that state of being - a practice of Glee!  There are other ways I love to rejuvenate my spirit with a dose of joy juice - bicycling to work makes me positively euphoric, taking jaunts in nature, watching brilliant Indie films, cooking something awesome from Rachel Khoo for my kiddos on vacation in Whistler. Walking Romeo with my daughter Tess, learning to play the (pst!) ukulele. Inner joy creates FLOW in my life and it is entirely infectious to my family and friends.  Happiness guaranteed!

In any case, you wonderful thing you, what brings you GLEE?

big love,


pst! We have a new instructor!  She's gleeful!  And she teaches  this magical new class.







Rise and shine and CREATE!

the best art class for kids in vancouver

I am rich.  I am rich enough!  Every day I am blessed to dance into my studio and share art, beauty, joy and love with beautiful people. So many true, tiny miracles of everyday joy. 

Tiny Devotions:

1.  Celeste brought her pet snails into the studio for the 'little prince' Summer camp.  This one you see in the photo above is Sneaky - and he WAS!  Always climbing out of his jar after nibbling on dried flower petals and winding his verrrrry slow, happy way into Celeste's loving hands.  (things take as long as they take when it comes to love)

2. Each day before our classes begin in the studio we take a minute to breathe quietly in a peaceful moment of gentle mindfulness before we leap into creative gusts of abandon. Tiny mediations to inspire beautiful wisps of expressive soul! It allows a simple portal so we can create with presence. 

3.  Creative tip of the week: Ask your child to close their eyes and then place an object into their open hands for a minute or so and ask them to feel it without looking. (feather, flower, lemon, antlers - SNAILS!) Then place it away out of sight and ask them to open their eyes and sketch it!  MindFUL sketching! Kids adore this!

4.  This week a very lovely woman named Caroline signed up for a Fall Session of 'Blue Sky' Acrylic Painting. She told me she was so excited to begin and it was a 'simple gesture' of self love to gift herself this class.  I'm always happiest when I see others thrilled to embark on a creative journey. I want a lifetime of days like this. Creative expression brightens our world. 

5.  High tea.  Never underestimate the JOY of high tea.  (thank you Carol Ann!)

Naturally I celebrate all these gifts in my life - All this creative love into the big beautiful beyond. 

AND!  It's a Blue Moon on Friday - the last one until 2018!  I might take my watercolour paint set down to the beach Friday evening and paint a lovely, transcendent moon.

Tonight I am heading out on a boat with my daughter's boyfriend's family and friends to see the Festival of Light in English Bay.  I shall share some photo's with you later!

Sending love your way, 

Thank you for visiting me!





Life is a special occasion

ravishing peonies

Pretty moments in the studio...

I kind of fell in love with this week. I drew.  I collaged.  I painted and wrote.  (a new online course coming soon by the way!)  And I bought a new gratitude journal from Banyon books on West 4th because as every knows practising gratitude rewires your brain to bring attention and presence to what is good and lovely and brilliant in your life.  FIRST. ( Before that negative spin that can ocassionally appear  sets it's teeth in your bones .) Plus it feels awesome.  We need the tonic of daily gratitude! And I LOVE having one whole journal JUST for gratitude. Here...let me share with you - Three beautiful things I am happy and so utterly grateful for today.  

1.  I am grateful for my friends. The friends that filled my studio last night for an evening of painting, Peruvian Pisca's (thank you Mahala!!) glimmering yellow candles and laughter rolling like the surf all night long.  And that awesome playlist. Even the potato bugs were dancing!  And Rachelle - because that girl rocks our Blue Sky Painting Class like an Avalanche of JOY.

2.  This darling.  And MY GOD THIS FILM,  Because it's the most romantic film ever and not in the way you could ever expect.  Well, you could.  If you have been through STUFF and still ended up with LOVE - and we all have. Think about that one.  

3.  For the golden clouds staring at my knees on my bicycle ride home.

And you. Yes, YOU! 

love, always


ps - Oh, and Peonies and Spoonks and homemade Pizza with a handful of Basil.  Because basil makes my world go round. Sometime's I just have to make homemade pizza.