everyday happiness

3 beautiful things to start my day


1. COFFEE!  I set my auto function and my coffee brews  every morning at 5:30.  It smells so wonderful!  Then I scoot out of bed, poor a cup and write for 10 minutes in my journal, stare at the sun floating up over the mountains. I am happiest in the morning for sure.

2.  Listen to a fresh playlist on Spotify.  A morning with music is fabulous.  Ideally it's not to loud. If it is, oh well.

3.  Walk LUCY. Where oh where would I be without my Lucy?  We are a family of dog lovers. I adore my morning meanders with her.  She stops to smell absolutely everything (and not always everything 'nice') which makes me slow down and meander as well.  Rain or shine.  It's a date.  (I just bought Lucy a new rain jacket at the market - bright yellow! Say hi if you see us on the seawall!)

Have a fabulous day,


and then of course, there's glee

creative art classes in vancouver for kids

Sometime's when I talk about Art I worry that I sound like a broken record. But the truth is creativity is 100 percent LOVE and it's hard to keep quiet about that. And then of course there is GLEE - a state of extreme joy and happiness.  There are heaps of that tossed in for cheery measure as well.  

I see Glee activated every day in my studio. ~ specially in the Blue Sky Painting class.  Women come into the studio to create their own kind of beautiful and in some quietly terrific kind of way they cross a threshold where they lose all sense of time and become electrified in the process of making.  It makes me feel so thrilled I want to stand up on a soapbox and proclaim "I promised Glee and I shall deliver!!"at the beginning of every class. 

Art is magic like that. We've had experiences in here.  The lively, vital, frolicsome kind.

Anyway.  I could go on and on but I guess I should leave it here except perhaps to say that we ought to all look at what brings us that sensation of gladness.  There is lots of chatter about mindfulness and inner peace and presence - but what about GLEE?!!!  Believe me I am pretty sure there is nothing more present that the state of joy. 

Perhaps we could commit to things daily that bring us into that state of being - a practice of Glee!  There are other ways I love to rejuvenate my spirit with a dose of joy juice - bicycling to work makes me positively euphoric, taking jaunts in nature, watching brilliant Indie films, cooking something awesome from Rachel Khoo for my kiddos on vacation in Whistler. Walking Romeo with my daughter Tess, learning to play the (pst!) ukulele. Inner joy creates FLOW in my life and it is entirely infectious to my family and friends.  Happiness guaranteed!

In any case, you wonderful thing you, what brings you GLEE?

big love,


pst! We have a new instructor!  She's gleeful!  And she teaches  this magical new class.