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I am rich.  I am rich enough!  Every day I am blessed to dance into my studio and share art, beauty, joy and love with beautiful people. So many true, tiny miracles of everyday joy. 

Tiny Devotions:

1.  Celeste brought her pet snails into the studio for the 'little prince' Summer camp.  This one you see in the photo above is Sneaky - and he WAS!  Always climbing out of his jar after nibbling on dried flower petals and winding his verrrrry slow, happy way into Celeste's loving hands.  (things take as long as they take when it comes to love)

2. Each day before our classes begin in the studio we take a minute to breathe quietly in a peaceful moment of gentle mindfulness before we leap into creative gusts of abandon. Tiny mediations to inspire beautiful wisps of expressive soul! It allows a simple portal so we can create with presence. 

3.  Creative tip of the week: Ask your child to close their eyes and then place an object into their open hands for a minute or so and ask them to feel it without looking. (feather, flower, lemon, antlers - SNAILS!) Then place it away out of sight and ask them to open their eyes and sketch it!  MindFUL sketching! Kids adore this!

4.  This week a very lovely woman named Caroline signed up for a Fall Session of 'Blue Sky' Acrylic Painting. She told me she was so excited to begin and it was a 'simple gesture' of self love to gift herself this class.  I'm always happiest when I see others thrilled to embark on a creative journey. I want a lifetime of days like this. Creative expression brightens our world. 

5.  High tea.  Never underestimate the JOY of high tea.  (thank you Carol Ann!)

Naturally I celebrate all these gifts in my life - All this creative love into the big beautiful beyond. 

AND!  It's a Blue Moon on Friday - the last one until 2018!  I might take my watercolour paint set down to the beach Friday evening and paint a lovely, transcendent moon.

Tonight I am heading out on a boat with my daughter's boyfriend's family and friends to see the Festival of Light in English Bay.  I shall share some photo's with you later!

Sending love your way, 

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Elizabeth Hewitt of Vitamin Daily is smitten with our Happy Place :)

Beautiful Beginner's Photography Class   



This morning I was enjoying a smoothie ~ blueberry, maca, banana, cacao, wild cherries and almond milk ~  on the couch with Lucy.   Light streaming in, barefoot, Paulo Santo, flowers.  (I love to take this time each morning to 'create my day.') Anyway -  suddenly  I found this beautiFUL article written by Elizabeth Hewitt of Vitamin Daily about my little studio on their front page.

What, what!!! I felt absolutely humbled with her dear, thoughtful words. A few weeks ago, I was blessed with the delight of meeting  Elizabeth and her daughter in the studio on a  pearly, rainy morning when they came in for a workshop  and she truly is one of those rare world beautifying people. Very kind, open, and generous hearted and she absolutely connects with the  magic of creativity .  She's simply the beautifulest! Being around Elizabeth  is shine by proximity.  We shared a lovely time together exploring all the good things.  Sun printing, watercolour painting techniques ~ and morning lattes with some pretty awesome kiddos and parents.

Anyway - I hope you read it - it made my day:)

big love,


pst! 'I think you still have lighting in you.' (SO GOOD!)


rainbow diamonds, cartwheels - and sharing the wonder of your child's art in conversation


Entirely. Every second. I love this space. And I will be here until infinity if all goes well:)  

It has been a most beautiful week here at the Luminous Elephant.  A week of rainbow diamonds, cartwheels and the kind of dance moves that only happen when you are alone.  Standing on ladders, cleaning the windows, and candles twinkling away in the morning for the Artist's Journaling class.

 There are colourful dragons breathing  fire in the windows - and Palo Santo burning in the evenings when I make a milkified black tea with raw honey to dream up new classes.   Listening to 'Since I've been loving you' by Led Zeppelin before I lock up to go home.   What's not to love! I'm feeling so smitten with this pretty little studio more and more every day.

Meanwhile, this week whilst Katie was leading the dragon brigade class I was tearily  moved with a Mom who was painting along with her daughter in a class.  Moved by the expanse of freedom she allowed her highly artistic child to express herself.  Moved by the joy she exhibited as they shared art with one another - but mostly moved by how this Mom witnessed and reflected back her appreciation for her daughter's artworks. It often occurs to me there is nothing more satisfying than watching families create together.

Anyway.  I was reminded how beautiful, how dearly loving it is to truly see and share in the journey of our child's art.  Because frankly, you know, sometime's I forget.  I know!  I mean sometime's I am so engaged in the beauty of the pieces of art created even I forget to find out what is beneath, what is the GUST of the muse that inspired the work itself. 

So I thought I would share a few prompts you might love  to try to learn all about your child's art piece that will help them feel seen and wish to open up and share their work with you. It is easy to look at our child's work and in the bustle of the moment and pass by the gift of this opportunity with a quick 'Wow!' or 'Awesome honey' - when we could learn such magic about our child's imagination in just a few minutes of conversation.

Now I know what you are thinking, you are thinking how it can be difficult to get your child to talk about art but I promise you these prompts will  help you find out the story behind all those masterpieces your child whips up - and your status as a parent who is 'happily in the know' will be secured:)

Here are a few very simple ways to open up your child to sharing the wonder of their inner worlds when making art. 

1.  Tell me! about this ....(colourful, playful, imaginative, amazing, strong, vibrant...) piece of art!

2. How did you come up with the idea for this piece?

3.  What is your favourite part of your work?  MY favourite part of your picture is... Isn't it interesting how you did this...

4.  How did you do this technique?  What materials did you use?  I would love to learn how to do this too - can you teach me how you did this?

5. Does it have a title?  What is it called?

6.  I see you used a lot of (red, blue, gold, turquoise) does red make you feel?  

7.  This is so unique the way you...(make brushstrokes, layer colour, create BIG wings....) your art piece makes me feel like going on an adventure.

8.  This is so imaginative!  It would be an awesome book character! What happens after this moment in your painting?

Just a few!  A few minutes of conversation will have you and your little one flying forward sharing the magic of artistic self expressiont togetyher. Easy peasy!

big love