Ode to Sunday

blooming journals


Petals and conifer mandala for the sun printing morning in the Artist's journal class with the most lovely gathering of women - beyond my wildest dreams the best heart tonic. We are making such happy discoveries, things we were not even in quest of, laying around in slices of sun while our cyanotype prints develop. 

Sunday morning:

Wake UP!  cuddle the dogs, practice yoga, steam Almond milk with Maca and raw honey, make banana pancakes with cashew butter, walk the dogs (happiness is a dog!), practice yoga, dream up possible things in Savasana, pop into the studio, water the orchids, mix paint like the colour of poppies, write a poem, journal for 15 minutes, wash the laundry, put the sheets in the dryer with peppermint essential oil, think about a bicycle ride on the trails, abandon that thought for laying around on the couch instead, make a play list of beautiful songs, read this article a few times for all it's stellular amazingness  ~ play the song list...stay present.

Play List:

Hockey Teeth - Bahama's                                                                                                                

Girls Just want to have fun - Busby Maron                                                                                          Rave On - M Ward                                                                                                                            Pretty Woman - Al Green                                                                                                                    Honey Bunny - Girls                                                                                                                          

You and Me - Penny and the Quarters                                                                                                Hey ya! - Sarah Blasko                                                                                                                        Northern Air - Elliot Brood                                                                                                                French Navy - Camera Obscura                                                                                                          That's not my name - Ting Tings

Don't you just love that video below?  It feels mega-good doing things for the sake of others - so wonderful and the best path to happiness.  

Sending big glowey vibes your way on this very pretty weekend,