Mucho Incredible!

Thank  you! for a supremely beautiful year here in The Luminous Elephant studio.  I have had so much fun with all of you - I am so grateful for your support and generous enthusiasm with my passion/business and I am entirely jazzed for 2015.  Igniting/untethering the creative path truly is my life's calling and sharing this open hearted journey with all who enter my happy space is a feeling 'mucho incredible' and makes me glow. I am on soul purpose in this studio and I love it with a single minded devotion. All things are possible when love is present:)

Be-ing here is a dream come true.

I am in the studio this morning playing music LOUD and working on my vision board for 2015. I have so many experiences I wish to manifest and I am singing it  into being! 2015 is the year of family, relationships, soulfriends, snuggles, love, high vibin' generosity of spirit and deepening the creative life. It will be packed full of magic and mystery and bountiful surprises.  

I believe you can speak things into existence - Jay z

I Believe you can CREATE things into existence:)

- Madelyn Mulvaney

oh and HOLA! ..a cabin in Whistler.  (this should not surprise you; after all, I have already made it perfectly clear this is my dream of dreams. (And yes, there are a few obstacles -  but hey, obstacles were made for overcoming ) We can have retreats for classes there now that I think about it!  

YES! YES YES! 2015 is my year!

Anyway.  Tomorrow there will be a most awesome breakfast to celebrate the new year.  Did I tell you my daughter Tess is living at home for a few months before she moves into her new apartment?  Of course I am spoiling her - tomorrow there will be homemade shortbread waffles for this girl that is the most magical and loving force in my life. 

Shine bright and full of love in the new year dear friends.

love, always with my whole being - and a dance move or two .... 


'Whenever I get gloomy with the state of the world I think about the arrivals gate at Heathrow airport....if you look for it I have a sneaky feeling you will find that love is all around.'