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lucky like a four leaf clover

I am on gratitude overload at the moment. Here are five things I can't stop smiling about this week:

1.  The Artist's Journal for Women class (Thursday mornings) - sold out this week.  Well!  if that wasn't Reggae dance party worthy all by itself, each and every single one of the beautiful women who stepped into my studio were positively wonderfulness time infinity.

I got to break in the new vintage bamboo tea table in the studio (Sunshine #5 coffee anyone? apple cake? raw honey in your ginger tea?) The reclaimed Douglas Fir table positively  glowed for the essence of the delightful women gathered around it's great historical beams as we cracked open our fresh journals and leaned into the new year rising. The photo above was taken after they all left (an HOUR after the class was supposed to end!  That's how peaceful, inspired we were - Woooot!) and I loved the feeling that my studio was filling up with warm connections and beautiful stories.  These are notable things, after all.   

Anyway it was SO MUCH FUN!  I  swooned around the studio all afternoon after and enthusiastically added the next session to the schedule just so I could infuse this space with even more lovely women in the Springtime. 

2.  I caught a lovely sunset the other evening hiking in Whistler.  It made me feel quite like the Queen of the golden hour. Ethereal! With every step I would think to myself 'Now that's just beautiful.'  My immortal soul breathes a sigh of delight when it senses a tree is near. I feel like a unicorn in an enchanted forest! 

3.  The other morning I penned a handful of sweet letters to friends.  I will be celebrating with a post office jaunt later today for stamps.  I said it once and I will say it many times again - there is nothing, NOTHING more fabulous than snail mail.

4.  I'm in the studio writing this post,  How to Paint your Dragon begins today at four, and it just occurred to me I haven't had lunch yet.  Cold pizza! Hot tea! 

5.  I am in fierce decorating mode in the studio.  Looking for a claret velvet couch.  Don't bother asking, it's my studio and it's a wonderfully brilliant colour.  The cherry on top  will be the butterfly pillows! 

6.  Ok six things.  Every morning after my yoga practice I lay in Savasana and say 'I am taking this time to create my day.'  This thought is then followed by all the experiences I wish to call into my day -  Powerful stuff, my friends.  Powerful!  Try it!

Well, I am off to gather up all that miraculous blue sky outside my window.

Thanks for swinging by!



pst! this film is so deeply moving

pst! art is simply something we must do, so our soul will grow:)