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The Little Prince - and giant seed cones

Just another magical few hours out in the woods.  This morning I awoke to a spectacular sun rising in a pale orange sky.  I loved it immediately and poured a cup of coffee with cinnamon  in a thermos, slipped my feet into my warmest Sorel boots, pulled on a down jacket and pelted out onto  the trails with Lucy silhouetted in sunshine.   Or off trail, I should say, as that is where all the most breathtaking fir boughs and pinecones lie scattered 'neath giant evergreens laced in silvery snow drifts.

And LOOK!  Look what I found!  The most beautiful seed cones from the giant Sequoia tree! Now that's something.  What could be better for this most festive time of the year? So forestial!  I am going to make a huge, gorgeous wreath this weekend and decorate my front porch with boughs and berries.  Did you know that the Sequoia tree is the tallest living tree and also among the oldest living things on earth?  Wondrous. 

Oh, and soup.  I am going to make a Wild Salmon Thai chowder with loads of fresh ginger, garlic, kale and sweet potato.  You must come for dinner!  

And now - I am in the studio working on a very beautiful offering for Spring Break.  My most favourite book of all time EVER is Saint~ Exupery's  'The Little Prince.' During Spring Break we will explore this book in a bilingual (english, french) camp as well as an English camp ~ reading this little treasure in the studio and creating exquisite, poetic works of art inspired by the little prince and his rose.  Already the French camp is half full and if you are compelled to have your child join us you can sign up for it right here.  

And now.  I am going to have a dark chocolate/bitter orange bar for breakfast with ginger tea. No shame in that.  The breakfast of poets!

big love,


pst!  Our 'Shine On' exhibit was magical last week!  You can have a peek of some photo's here - only two spaces left for the January session.