Oh joy!

tiny belongings

Keep close to Nature's heart - and break clear away, once in a while, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean. - John Muir ~

Sunday morning: Running late on photo submissions for freelance work so Lucy and I readied ourselves for a hike in Deep Cove and up around Rice Lake to capture handfuls of beauty.  Into my backpack went a thermos of Typhoo tea, my homemade trail mix (cacao nibs, brazil nuts, almonds, goji berries, dried mango,wild blueberries, coconut) a sketchbook, pencils, apples, 2 boiled eggs,  extra socks, extra mittens, a small wool blanket, peppermint essential oil, and two bottles of water. Camera,tripod, maltesers.

Let me tell you it is hard dragging one's bones out of bed early on a wintery morning but once you are UP your soul starts singing and all is right with the world!  We hiked in coves and around lakes, collecting armfuls of evergreen.  We explored secrets spots nestled on blue hills 'neath billowing clouds and shared an apple in a curve of lake crowned by a family of noisy Canadian geese.  So simple. Utterly magical. Often the very best gift you can give yourself is time alone.  Time to ask questions, time to listen so quietly for answers - time to breathe deep.  One hundred percent restorative.

Hiking is complete soul rejuvenation for the Holiday season and I heartily recommend it!

You're so gifted!

Speaking of the Holiday season if you are pondering a gift for someone lovely and special - may I suggest a Luminous Elephant gift certificate?  Everyone loves a gift certificate!  Perhaps someone you know has their heart set on a special treasure of a class right now, or perhaps they are looking forward to some spirited creativity in the new year.  If you are not sure of the perfect gift this is it!  Painting, photography, creative writing and so much more! Our gift certificates are each one-of-a-kind paintings on tiny canvases. They are stunning! They come with their own individual number/amount written on them and have space for your own personal sentiments of your choosing to be printed on each and every one.

'This year I will remember that people are more important than things' ~ Wayne Dyer ~

Last week a father brought his beautiful little girl into the studio on her third birthday for his gift of painting together  for a few hours.  I was so touched by their playful morning and the beautiful stack of canvases they piled up in their time together. We played music, mixed various palettes of dazzling color and the hours flew by. (for a three year old her attention span was magnificent!) At the end of the session he asked if he could print his hand and her tiny hand on a canvas with the date in silver as a reminder of their morning together.

Get together just to be together.

The gift of an experience with someone you love is something precious and beautiful and never to be lost or forgotten. 

I am so looking forward to the Holidays ~ the studio will be getting a fresh splash of paint and colour. High windows will be washed to sparkle brightly out onto Trimble Avenue and extra loving touches will be administered here and there!  What a wonderful way to end the year.  I so appreciate your support with my new business and cannot wait to keep creating with you in 2015!

Sending a swoop of sky and a pinch of evergreen your way!

oh! and and a darling film recommendation. 

laugh often and much - x&o