out of love

tea and crystal


I am radiating at a high wattage this morning - leaning into a cup of evergreen tea and morning journaling to help my weary energies become harmonic ~ ensuring that the plans of my mind are approved by my heart.

You see, I was re~reading 'the four agreements' last night before bed after seeing a lovely quote on Lizzie's instagram (SUCH a beautiful site!) and found myself returning again and again to one of the agreements (be impeccable with your word) and rested upon the awesome, AWESOME reminder to be impeccable with your word - to yourself not just everyone else.  Tell yourself how wonderful you are, how great you are, tell yourself how much you love yourself.  And then I was moved to embark on a beautiful journey for the next 21 days to create beauty, love and positivity with every word I speak.  

This idea is a keeper.  

Here is how it works. Every single day for three exquisite, present, loving weeks I will speak only thoughtful words. Kind words.  Compassionate and loving words. 21 awesome days of positivity ~ encouraging my thoughts to be present to my words and my words to be present to my days - to create a loving, uplifting energy in our beautiful world.   NO complaints! 

My heart just stopped for a second typing that.  And if, let's just say for example I need to say something true and necessary that is difficult - well, I will say it kindly.  With a solution or an affirmation of hope. Isn't it beautiful?  I think so.

Still there? Yes?  Would you like to try this with me? You won't be sorry, I promise. Let's activate our beautiful words to manifest an even more beautiful world for everyone.  Let's  make our worlds go round and round with love.  What a glowing start to the New Year!

love always



pst! aaaaaaaand...a feel good set of happy musssssssiccccc!