Oooooh! A brand new year! 2018


I know. Tulips and sundresses in January! - but honestly, I am just so thrilled that our Vancouver Cherry blossom trees are budding already and I am leaning with excitement into Springtime. Here's to the light! Over the holidays I managed to get out for some wonderful snowshoeing in Whistler for some fine anti hustle and I was reminded how very much I love being outside in this beautiful place of space.  When I am in my studio, I want to be outside - and then when I am outside, I want to be in the studio (because creative ideas are easily born in the freedom of nature)

Funny that.

This Summer I am hoping to find myself a most beautiful yellow canoe (a kayak will do fine too) to paddle about our flickering green rivers.  I am my very best self when mingling with the elements.   2018, I am thrilled to make your acquaintance.  I would like a year of laughter, even more family togetherness and a healthy dose of clowning around. Everything is within reach. (along wth that yellow canoe - then all my asking is done)

Speaking of the studio - this morning I am sipping a Matcha latte and humming various tunes to myself and I thought it might be lovely to share a roundup of some of my favourite inspirations with you.

A heart sweet love story.  Makes my heart beam. Oh, and this too. A perfect pairing.

I made a brilliant loaf of seedy bread and can testify it is off the charts spectacular

The only skincare I ever use. All natural, cruelty free. 

New fave instagram accounts - so adorable! - simply gorgeous

Looking forward to this film - and how perfectly stunning is this apartment? Mine is tiny tiny but I am also on a pilgrimage for color.


The best illustrated books of 2017.

And Oprah.  Long may she reign. The best is always last....

I hope your 2018 is something else!









My Desk !

desk 4.jpg

Oh! And guess what? I snapped a few photo's of my desk (it is raining outside and it made me happy puttering around taking photos) 

The things I find and fall in love with:

1.  The painting over my desk - by my favourite painter, Richard Stout.  Our studio is filled with his glorious, colourful, JOYFUL masterpieces.  Everyone always comments on them - they really tickle one's happy vibes. They make me feel wonderfully uplifted in their presence.  (I own two of my own - this one in the photo is for sale.)

2. The fabulous 'Love Always Wins' marquee was a terrific find at 'Make' - and I get a kick out of changing up my manifestos. It comes with a box of colourful letters that are fun and playful.

3. Camera's - ! I am very very lucky that various friends gift me oldies they find here and there, forever ago.

4. I am a mug junkie - found this little beauty at the ceramics gallery on Granville Island - and it goes particularly well with vegan pumpkin donuts:)

5. Plants! Crystals! Pebbles! And Tata Harpers 'LOVE' potion. Such an exquisite, airy essential oil perfume - I wear it all the time.  

There is a lot of good energy in the space we work, create, live - whenever I get in a funk I take everything out and off of my desk area, spritz with essential oils and water - then re arrange everything around.  Guaranteed instant delight and brings in a 'whoosh' of creative inspiration every time.



3 beautiful things to start my day


1. COFFEE!  I set my auto function and my coffee brews  every morning at 5:30.  It smells so wonderful!  Then I scoot out of bed, poor a cup and write for 10 minutes in my journal, stare at the sun floating up over the mountains. I am happiest in the morning for sure.

2.  Listen to a fresh playlist on Spotify.  A morning with music is fabulous.  Ideally it's not to loud. If it is, oh well.

3.  Walk LUCY. Where oh where would I be without my Lucy?  We are a family of dog lovers. I adore my morning meanders with her.  She stops to smell absolutely everything (and not always everything 'nice') which makes me slow down and meander as well.  Rain or shine.  It's a date.  (I just bought Lucy a new rain jacket at the market - bright yellow! Say hi if you see us on the seawall!)

Have a fabulous day,