Katerina Lu is a violinist, pianist, teacher and a mother of two beautiful children. She brings to Vancouver her deep knowledge and passion for all things music, her experience teaching violin and piano privately, and her hands-on understanding of how young children learn and develop. Katerina was trained as a classical violinist and pianist in a conservatory in Russia and has been teaching violin and piano to students of all ages in Russia and the US prior to welcoming her two beautiful children, now aged 8 and 5, into the world and moving to Vancouver. 

In the process of becoming a Suzuki parent to her daughter, who has been studying violin with a Suzuki teacher, Katerina absorbed and became passionate about Dr. Shinichi Suzuki’s philosophy that every child is innately musical and capable of mastering an instrument if he or she is provided with a musically saturated environment and grown-ups’ loving support from an early age. 

Katerina teaches the following classes: