Aquarelle - Blossoms, Oozles and Watermarks


Aquarelle - Blossoms, Oozles and Watermarks



Ages 6-12

AM Camps are 9am - 12pm
PM Camps are 1-4 pm

FREE Early Drop Off and Lunch Program. Please bring a healthy, peanut free snack and water bottle.

Week 6 PM・August 6-9

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  About this Class

Your head is a living forest full of songbirds.
— ee cummings

Explore the brilliance of watercolour media experimenting with beautiful pigments suspended in water soluble vehicles. Create luminous Japanese botanicals as well as Chinese finger painting masterpieces. Play with sand, cling film and glorious salt crystals to design snowflake-like perfections on paper milled in France since 1492. Delve into the palette of the Pre-Raphaelite painters - (which is the loveliest thing ever) and create your own Chinese Scroll Painting.