Shine On Photography


Shine On Photography


Ages 8-14

Thursdays 4:15 - 5:30 pm
Sep 12 - Oct 31

Exhibit: Friday, November 1
from 7 - 8:30 pm

Teacher: Madelyn Mulvaney

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About this Class

You know, it’s weird being interviewed! Because the weird thing about being interviewed is you get asked these questions that you’ve never thought about and you find out what you think as you answer.
— Neil Gaiman

Shine On is a powerful children’s photography course designed to invite the students to express their inner worlds  through photography. Exploring visual literacy as a means of communication children represent their reflections on seven questions in photographs over the course of eight weeks. 

“Thank you so much for putting on such a lovely event for all our kids and their families. I also wanted to say how lucky we feel to find such a devoted and inspirational teacher. You are assisting in mentoring our children to become not only creative but conscious, so thank you for your enthusiasm!”

— Corinne Isherwood

After the conclusion of Shine On the students celebrate their work with a highly creative gallery installation/exhibit where everyone is invited for a fabulous evening of art and connection.  In charge of the installation from start to finish, they design colour photography murals, projected images on canvas, and build a personal world to share their photographs on the evening of the exhibit.  Photographs are also sold to raise funds for the World Changing organization of their choice.

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Shine On is deeply close to my heart.  It is transformative to watch the kids explore wholeheartedly a representation of self in such a beautiful way. This course is taught exclusively by myself.

Madelyn Mulvaney

Love Notes

EVERY kid should take this course! I had to drag my son out of the building at the end of each class. Madelyn is a child whisperer and brings out the very happiest and the very best of every one. The energy is amazing in that studio. I think I need to sign up for something myself.
— Lindsey Graham

A Recommendation

To Whom It May Concern:

I have the honor of writing this letter of recognition for the work Madelyn Mulvaney completed with my grade 7 students. Madelyn developed a brilliant photography unit entitled ‘Shine On!” which allowed the students to explore visual literacy as a means of communication. Madelyn’s lessons were well developed and she came prepared with beautiful examples of compelling photographs and video footage, which spoke to the questions the students were exploring. Each week Madelyn also downloaded my student’s work to her computer and projected the photographs for viewing. This facilitated discussion through her guidance and observations, as well as allowing the students to comment and reflect on each others work. As their classroom teacher I was often overwhelmed with the outpouring of truth and emotional connections my students made. Asking young teens to represent beauty, love, dreams, wishes, joy and contentment and self-portraits gave them a platform to express their sense of self in a unique and highly creative manner.

Madelyn is a natural teacher who develops authentic relationships with her students. Each was given the gift of her time and positive support. Perhaps what was most important was Madelyn’s ability to reach each and every one the  students. All students were honoured for their efforts and encouraged to express their ideas freely and openly.

The Shine On! exhibit was an important event for my class. They were able display their 7 photographs in an inviting atmosphere and were given the venue to speak to their work for a large audience. Parents spoke of seeing new things in their children they had not realized before. Students discussed the pride and confidence they felt when exhibiting their work. My students are now extending their learning by continued exploration with their cameras, creating stop motion films and developing poetry to accompany their work. Madelyn continues to communicate with her students their flickr site. They want to share their work with her and seek her advice and recognition.

I highly recommend this course to students of all ages. The opportunity to both explore and express a representation of self encourages the students to reflect on who they are and who they want to become. As emerging young teens, my students were given a platform to demonstrate their learning and were respected for their willingness to share these personal thoughts with others.

If I can provide any further information about Madelyn’s course or the impact it had on both my students or my teaching practice please feel free to contact me.

Catherine Hanna