The Art of Friendship Club

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The Art of Friendship Club


Ages 8 - 12

Wednesdays 4 - 5:15 pm
Nov 4 - Dec 13

Teacher: Madelyn Mulvaney

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A beautiful course exploring in fabulous art, conversations, and shining acts of love the ways we can love best in our relationships.

the immutable simplicity of a good heart

How do we best and most wonderfully show up for those we love - our friends, our family - and what does love look like ?

~ What does it mean to be a 'good friend?"

~ How do we communicate, celebrate, and really listen and be  present to one another?

~ What is  'altruism ' and how can we sprinkle it around like confettiin small ways everyday?

In this lovely, experiential course of friendship and love we will...

  • explore communication with photography, conversation , mixed media art
  • delve into true hearted 'presence' and listening to each other
  • discover what it means to give without expecting anything back
  • celebrate our friendships with fun acts of joyfulness (cards and cookies and art!)
  • stand up for each others' dreams and happiness
  • take responsibility for our own actions in relationships
  • practice gratitude in our journals (journals included!)  to celebrate the amazing people in our lives
  • learn all about the different languages of love
  • explore mixed media, photography, acrylic painting to making wildly loving works of art