Marni Harris


After many moves about the globe and random art classes in various countries, Marni attended the Diploma Programme at the Ottawa School of Art. Since moving to Vancouver in 2015, she has studied sculpture at the Vancouver Sculpture Studio and learned to weld and forge in metal sculpture classes at Emily Carr School of Art and Design. She also happily continues her printmaking practice at Malaspina Printmaking studio and quilting in her studio. 

Marni has exhibited artwork in group and solo shows in Ontario, Quebec, and British Columbia. When not in the studio, Marni continues to teach yoga, coach/train people of all ages and abilities, volunteer at BC Children’s hospital, train in a variety of sports and travel with their family. These rhythms of motion, connections to various communities and playtime in nature inform her art practice.

Marni strives to live boldly with playfulness and deeply with gratitude for every bit of inspiration, support and encouragement from family and treasured friends. 

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