Welcome to the Luminous Elephant Studios!

Our purpose is to inspire a life of joy!

(We also offer the world's best art classes in our  studio)

 NOBODY can compete with you - at being you.

Creativity is innate and infinite in all of us. By creating in ways unique to our personalities we deepen our self awareness, wisdom and happiness and can bring our very best selves to the world. Our passion is encouraging you to try beautiful new things while drawing your unique spirit out into the light. Our happy studio is a salute to uniqueness and individuality.

Happy teachers will change the world.

The teachers at Luminous Elephant are handpicked for their gift of teaching from the heart – wildly creative, happy and kind-hearted, who develop authentic relationships with their students. Our teachers are quirky (in mostly good ways). 

Our teachers are sunny advocates for awakening inner joy in a beautiful environment where we all grow and learn from each other.

We are super selective about who we hire. Our teachers have to have heart and yes, "heart" is a bit cheesy. We're also a bit cheesy sometimes :)

Madelyn Mulvaney

The Luminous Elephant