Morgaine Lee | theluminouselephant.com

Morgaine Lee is a second year student at Simon Fraser University. She loves filmmaking, theatre, painting, and dancing. If she’s not doing one of these things she’s talking about essential oils, planning an adventure to anywhere and everywhere, playing fetch with hair elastics with her cute-as-a-button kitten, drinking tea, or learning all the words to the musical Hamilton.

When Morgaine was a little one, she was very shy. A teacher’s recommendation to take acting classes led to 10+ years of acting adventures, including playing Vivienne in her school’s production of Legally Blonde. Through acting, Morgaine learned to “fill the space you exist in,” enjoy the moment, fill it up with everything you are, fearlessly. As she continued to love acting, she began to explore and absolutely love filmmaking and creating from behind the camera. Her films won various awards including 1st place Documentary, and 2nd place Music Video at the BC Student Film Festival.

Morgaine is so excited to create and share her passion for art with The Luminous Elephant!