Orton Gillingham (OG) Therapeutic Tutoring

OG is a very successful program that helps children with dyslexia and other learning differences. At the Luminous Elephant we are proud to cooperate with Holly Ryan and Alison Brousson who are wonderful and experienced OG tutors.



The OG approach benefits students of all ages and abilities so that learning becomes a rewarding experience.


What is Orton-Gillingham?

Orton Gillingham (OG) is a powerful instructional approach to teaching, reading and spelling. It was founded 80 years ago by Samuel Orton, a neuropsychiatrist and pathologist, and Anna Gillingham, an educator and psychologist, who blended their analysis and teaching methods to create the Orton Gillingham Method.

How does it work?

The primary thread of an OG lesson is that its phonics based teaching captures all our senses to engage our learning: Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetics. Each individual lesson would include review from the previous lesson and an introduction to a new skill.  We reinforce the lesson through hands on fun multi-sensory activities the lead the students to mastery and success in reading and writing.

What do we offer?

Holly Ryan and Alison Brousson are experienced Orton Gillingham Therapeutic Tutors. Skills taught in our one-on-one lessons will include:

  • review of the previous lesson
  • new phonogram
  • new sight word
  • a spelling rule
  • a syllable lesson
  • prefix or suffix lesson
  • penmanship
  • writing skills
  • grammar lesson
  • reading and comprehension

Each lesson is carefully prepared for each individual learner. We will assess your child’s current skills and aim to build their fluency of writing and reading through a structured, sequential, cumulative and multi-sensory approach.  

Tutoring Fees

The fees are $65 for a 50-minute session, or $90 for a 75-minute session. To reserve your space we kindly ask for up-front payment for the 10-week session, either over the phone or in person. Please contact us by email to schedule a conversation about your child’s learning needs and scheduling. Refunds are possible after the first lesson. 


Lessons are recommended at twice per week. We have limited after school lessons available and we also welcome home school learners that can have their lessons during school hours. 

Please contact us to schedule lessons or to receive more information.

About Us

Alison Brousson & Holly Ryan | theluminouselephant.com

Alison Brousson

I am a mother of three who has always been interested in working with children and young adults. Over the last 20 years I have helped many succeed in various fields. I also worked as a dance teacher and in orthodontics and dentistry, in practices focused on children. I trained in the Orton Gilligham approach through the Canadian Academy of Therapeutic Tutors (CATT) and I very much enjoy assisting children to succeed using these techniques. 

Holly Ryan

I am a passionate Orton Gillingham Therapeutic Tutor, with six years of experience as an OG Tutor and a member of the Canadian Academy of Therapeutic Tutors (CATT). Before tutoring, I taught a variety of students in the classroom for the Vancouver School Board for 8 years. I have worked both privately and currently work at West Point Grey Academy. l  have four beautiful children of my own. I love helping children meet success!